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COVID-19:WHO Tips & Regards

Core Eco Store wishes you a safe & sound journey amidst the COVID Crisis. We wish you the best of regards for the well being of your near & dear ones as we head towards

Mission: Unlock.

Choose wise living:

1) Avoid Unnecessary Home recurring costs with green & Eco Substitutes.

2) Avoid Cheap & unreliable products.

3) Keep Stepping up your immunity with greens.

4) Keep in touch with elders & young ones on regular basis for symtoms

5) Only Rely on official sources for updates & precautionary steps.

6) Step Up your ethics at public places & sensitive environments.

7) Visit nearest Official COVID testing centers in case of any uneasiness.

Core Corporation has also introduced Elemental Essentials with Smart Kits & Certified Range of products to fight the COVID battle well.

When planning against COVID, Look out in our shop for:

  • Best Range of Non Contact Equipment

  • FDA Range of Sanitizers

  • NIOSH/ FDA/CE Grade of Mask Protection

  • Treatment Pods & Boxes for exposed goods

  • DIY Building & Office Kits

Customized packages & kits arriving soon at your doorsteps!!

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