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Clean Audit: Time To Analyze Your Environmental Elements...

Get Rid of Cancerous, Inefficient & Ecological Draining Elements with Exclusive Core Clean Audit.

Get Complete Premise or Home Auditing with Detailed Report of:

1) AC/DC Electric Wastage with clamp meter testing of old equipment.

2) High Surge & Spike Detections in heavy loads.

3) Water Parameters: TDS/EC & PH of water Pre & post purification.

4) Air Quality Parameters: AQI,PM2.5/PM10, TVOC & HCHOs.

5) Tower Observations & Electronic Radiation testing: All Radiating Appliances.

6) Fruits & Vegetable Nitrate/pesticide residue Testing along with milk for lactose testing. 7) Home Automation Potential: Wi-Fi & Switch Designs with Retro Compatibility.

8) Solar & Hydroponics Potential: Terrace/ parapet & landscape solar capacity

9) Waste Generation: Compost & Biogas Potential Out of Wet Waste

10) Lumen Intensity & lux readings for LED & Motion sensing potential

Book Your Clean Audit Today!!!

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