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Unitron UE-22 Plus-3KWx 3 nos: With Grid Tie 10 kVa 3 Phase Inverter/PCU +7M GI  Poles + Cabling + Installation / Also Connect with existing UPS /Battery Systems

Annual Generation: 10000-30000 Units(Minimum)

Rated Power: 12.5 M/s.

CutIn Speed: 40W @ 1.5 M/s

Whisper Quiet

3 D Rotor Patended Design

3X Performance than HAWT : Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

6X Performance than VAWT : Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

1.8 M of Diameter

High Output in Low Winds

Ideal for 12-24-48V Battery Banks

System Warranty: 2 Years

Unitron UE-22 Plus Wind Turbinex3nos:10 kVA,3PH

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