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Recharge Rain for 1 Acre Of Loose Area: Non Clogging & SS V Wire Technology

1) Loose Soil

2) Dry Bore Wells

3) Loose & Open Grounds

4) Lake Water Recharge

5) Open Storm & Underground Line Recharge

Suitable up to area:1 to 8 acres, depends on the terrain and Earth strata
Max: Intensity of Rainfall:12.5 - 75 mm/hr
Working Principle :Gravitational Water Column Pressure
Operating Pressure:0.05-0.6 kg/ cm2
Percolation Capacity:25000 to 50000 liters in 24 hours
Filter Unit for Injection:SS-304 V-Wire Screen
Slot Size:0.75mm
Discharge Capacity of V-Wire:5-20 Liters per second
Percolator Pipe:140 mm HDPE pipe with 8 mm spirally perforated holes at 30 mm intervals
Diameter of Injection Well:1350 to 2100 mm
Depth of Injection Well:5 to 6 m
Diameter of Recharging Bore:225 mm
Depth of the Recharging Bore:20 to 60 m depending on the permeable layer
Diameter of the SILT Trap Unit:1000 to 1350 mm
Depth of the SILT Trap Unit:1 to 3 m
Diameter of the Filter Unit in Silt Trap:SS-304 Horizontal Mount – 150 to 200 mm, Slot Size: 3 mm


Recharge Rain: 1 Acre Of Loose Area

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