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Rainy Filter FL-300 (sq.m): 

This open ended filter has auto flush out feature enabling self cleaning with unique working principle. FL-300 is suitable for 225 to 350 sq.m rooftop area

Suitable for AreaUpto 350 SQMTRS
Intensity of Rainfall5 mm/Hour to 75 mm/Hour
Filter TypeOpen ended, Non-clog
Working PrincipleCohesive Force & Centrifugal Force
Operating Pressure> 1 foot of Gravity Head (0.060kg/cm2)
Max Discharge at (CWO)340 Liters per minute
Filter ElementSS-304 Multi-Surface Screen - Food Grade
Mesh Size250 Microns
Inlet size110 MM
Clean Water Outlet size (CWO)110 MM
Drain Outlet size90 MM
Filter HousingUV Stabilized - HDPE
Filter EfficiencyAbove 90%*
Source of PowerGravity

Rainy Filter FL-300 (sq.m)

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