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omegranate's seeds can be eaten raw, used as an ingredient or garnishing, or juiced. Pomegranate juice is enjoyed as a beverage, cocktail mixer, and an ingredient in sweet and savory sauces and dishes for its sweet and tart flavor. The fruit can also be cooked down to make jellies and jams. Pomegranate is known for being a rich source of antioxidants.

1 kg of pomegranate contains approximately 4 to 6 pieces. However, the size and weight of the organic produce coming from the farm may vary slightly.

Storage Tip:

Organic pomegranates should be stored at a place that has proper air circulation and does not have direct contact with Sunlight. The whole pomegranate should be refrigerated directly by keeping it in air-tight containers to retain its freshness for a longer duration.

Pomegranate-500 Gms

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