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Piggy Sapling Bags: Plants & Saplings on GO!!


No. of Plants: 50
Type of plants: Underground (eg. Radish, BeetRoot), Creepers (eg. Cucumber, Karela), Fruiting Plants (eg. Jalapenos, Tomatoes)
Max. Space Occupied: 100 sq.ft.- Can be reduced based on what is being grown.
Length: 10ft; Breadth: 10ft (dimensions exclude reservoir)
Type of System: Drip
Ideal for: Terraces, Commercial Setup
Includes: System (with reservoir), Pump, Timer, Coco peat, 1 month of nutrients & 1 batch of plants germinated in Jiffy Bags, Feeding Tank, installation


Annual Maintenance Contract:
Includes: Plants germinated in Jiffy Plugs, Nutrients, pH up/down, Neem Oil, Meter Calibration,Client training, GrowPro Technician visit once a month.
Cost (Basic)- Rs.3,000/month
Additional Requirements for each system:
1. Electricity
2. Water Supply
3. Daily Maintenance.
4. Flat Surface
5. Stool (wooden or plastic)
6. Sunlight

Piggy Sapling Bags

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