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Flow X - Reusable Mask Cast: Just insert a 5 layered / N95 cloth

Flow-X cool looking Reusable / Washable / Durable, Monsoon filter masks.
A Complete Indian manufactured Product.

You can Cut N95 cloth and put it in the insertion

Food & Pharma Grade Plastic

Neat Fitting


Colorful Series

Can open Vent During Suffocation.

Lipstick/Pan/ Chewing Stain Proof

Adustable Straps

2 cotton starter filters availble in one pack: (USE Double Filters during Pandemics & Single filter for general Dust/ Pollution Use)



Flow X - Reusable Mask Cast (pack of 6) (All Colors)

Pink: Pink Mask
Orange : Orange Masks
Yellow : Yellow Masks
Blue: Blue Masks
Black: Black Masks
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