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Excel OWC130 SS: Without Curing: 50 KG per batch

Convert your Spoil to Soil using our Organic Waste Converter:

Excel OWC is a pioneering decentralized organic waste treatment system. Our patented system rapidly processes organic waste into rich compost. The system is fast, efficient, easy to install and requires minimal training for operation. 15 minute treatment, 10 day storage in crates and your compost is ready for use!

  • India’s No.1 Composting System

    Excel OWC System offers you proven success. It is India’s most widely used de-centralized organic waste treatment system with over 1000 systems successfully installed and operated.

  • 1 year warranty

    The OWC machine and system comes with free preventive quarterly maintenance in the first year and warranty for any breakdown due to manufacturing defect.

  • Service support

    in case of any breakdowns, we are just a phone call away. We also provide comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract anywhere in India to keep your OWC working in top condition

  • 48 hour response-

    We are committed to fast response and resolution of any breakdowns so that you can get uninterrupted output.

  • Get FCO compliant compost

    The compost out of OWC meets the most stringent quality norms in India, making your composting project more economically feasible.

  • The trust of Excel Industries

    Established in 1941 Excel Industries is committed to the cause of the environment and sustainability. Excel OWC System is the product of years of passionate research and development into sustainable waste management.

Excel OWC130 SS: Without Curing

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