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EO Genius-3 phase-tethered Fleet Charger station with management software:

Meet our app-enabled commercial charge point. Future proof smart hardware suitable for the EVs of today and tomorrow.


Connect an EO Genius charger to the EO Hub and unlock smart-charging technology. Connect up to 30 charge points per EO Hub.


Cloud-based charge point management system suitable for fleets, workplaces, cark parks & charging destinations.

Increase your car battery life with a robust EO charger:

Power (KW):Up to 22kW

Key Features of EO Genius
Charge up to 22kW

Built-in active load management

Restrict access using RFID or EO App

Charging insights via the EO Cloud

Key Features with EO HUB

Charge scheduling

Telematics integration

Manage and monitor energy usage

Cloud connected via EO Cloud

Key features of EO Cloud:

Remote management of charge points

Monitor energy usage

Remotely diagnose & resolve issues

Monetise your charging infrastructure


Installation+25 meter Cabling+ ACDB with HUB+3 PH Genius

EO Genius + Station Hub (Fleet Charger)

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