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Enviroglobe – Work, Play & Live in a Protected Environment :

While electromagnetic radiation emanating from personal wireless devices can be taken care of by Envirochip, what can be done about the sources that are beyond your control? Radiation from the nearby mobile towers, IoT devices, network boosters, your neighbour’s wifi and other networking devices is a major concern.


Introducing, Enviroglobe a unique award winning product that safeguards you and your family from the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation from various Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets & IoT devices (internal and external ) without compromising on the signal strength or connectivity. It protects an area to 300 sq.ft. (10 ft, radius).


Technology has been both a boon and a bane for human lives. While we have been introduced to cell phones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi which has made our daily lives easier and more comfortable; but at the same time, we often ignore the infrastructure that enables these devices to provide the service that we frequently seek.

Research has proven the harmful effects of constant exposure to e-radiation or EMR can range from insomnia, lower immunity, higher fatigue, higher stress, improper growth in children , and innumerable other health issues.

We have been able to protect our loved ones from the ill effects of e-radiation emerging from regular wifi devices like cell phones, tablets and even baby monitors by using Envirochip and Envirocover. But what about the EMF emitted from external sources like mobile phone towers, TV transmitters, wireless communication stations and even your neighbour’s Wi-Fi, that you just can't avoid?

You can place Enviroglobe at your home or work station or even carry with you in your daily commute.

Enviroglobe (Lite) for Bulk Electronics/Mobile Towers/Server Rooms

₹3,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,799.05Sale Price
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