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Buckwheat Flour


Gluten Free • Plant Protein Source • Low Glycemic Index

Buckwheat, locally known as Kuttu, is a versatile substitute for wheat and rice. It is characterized by its earthy flavour and can be used in savoury and sweet dishes alike, making it an essential gluten-free staple in our kitchens. Since it’s actually a seed, it can also be consumed during fasting days when grains are not allowed. It is a rich source of fibre and helps to stabilize metabolism, and it’s high copper content also increases absorption of iron in our body.

Cooking Tip

Buckwheat flour is perfect in gluten-free flour mixes and also makes a nice combination with wheat flour for sweet recipes (pancakes, waffles, cakes

Buckwheat Flour-500 Gms

₹160.00 Regular Price
₹152.00Sale Price
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