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Aqua Shower Premium Conditioner:


Aqua Shower water softener is a premium shower unit. It has universal threading which can fit on to your shower, handheld and even on the wall. Installing it only takes minutes and the benefits are fantastic!


  • Shower in softer, wetter water!
  • Extremely simple to install!
  • Use less shampoo, conditioner and body wash!
  • Your skin won’t itch and will feel great because the softer wetter water will take the dryness off your skin, leaving you feeling like a new person!
  • No scaling issues with your showerhead!
  • Glass screens will look cleaner and if there is any recurring spotting it is easily wiped away!
  • Wall and floor tiles feel cleaner and are more easily cleaned – no scrubbing!
  • If you move homes or go on a holiday take it with you
  • Your capital investment is protected from those costly hard water problems!


Aqua Shower Premium Conditioner

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