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Kazam 3.3 charging station is a weather-resistant, robust design that can survive turbulent climatic conditions ranging from Mumbai's rains to Rajasthan's heat thus is All weather compatible.


  • Remote monitoring dashboard designed for high visibility
  • Smart IoT based technology engineered by IITians
  • 24/7 connectivity via sim based network.

Technical Specifications

IP65 certified:YES

Shock Resistant:YES

ABS Plastic Body:YES

Ip(max):20 Amp

Vp(max):280 V


Width:30 cm

Depth:13 cm

Power Ranging3.3 kW

Smart LED:multi coloured

All Weather functionality:YES

Connectivity:SIM Based

MCB and Fuse:YES

Energy Measurement Accuracy:>99%


Support:on-demand via app/web

OTA Support:YES


Tamper Proof:YES


Installation Includes:

10 M Cable + Junction Box + 1 Set of Kazam 3.3 EV + Posters 

Kazam 3.3 EV Charger

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