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Bioneer-50 (Composting+Curing):Automatic Organic Waste Converter:

Compost Generated Per Day:50 kg per day

Waste Intake Per Day:300 liters

Dimensions:2125 x 1150 x 1200

Excel Bioneer is a revolutionary automatic waste converter machine that has the potential to change how the world treats its organic waste. Just fill it, shut it, forget it and in just 24 hours Bioneer treats your organic waste. Bioneer's efficient conversion and ease of use make it possible for millions such as you to make the environmentally and socially responsible choice of organic waste conversion.

The game changing features

  • Fully automated organic waste converter

    Bioneer is an in-vessel system. It treats all the waste in its treatment chamber. Bioneer helps you easily and efficiently dispose of your waste, saving you time, effort and space.

  • Compact machine

    Bioneer is a stand-alone unit and does not need associated equipment such as curing racks. This saves on space and effort and makes your organic waste conversion project much more feasible.

  • Usable Output for Landscaping

    Bioneer output, mixed with soil and can be used for landscaping purposes.

  • Easy to operate by any unskilled labour

    As an automated machine, Bioneer needs minimal intervention. Unskilled labour can be easily taught how to operate the machine without supervision.

  • Highest standard of safety inbuilt

    Excel Industries is committed to ensuring the safety of operators. The system has been carefully designed from an ergonomic perspective and incorporates a number of safety features.

Bioneer-50 (Composting+Curing)